Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rocky mountain high

Last week I had the pleasure of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park in an area called Wild Basin. I was accompanied by the Browns as we tackled the Bluebird Lake Trail (10-12 miles rt). The mountains here are so big and so beautiful. The scale and elevation here is not anything like what I've hiked in the Cascades. Just the approach trail I hiked on was higher than a lot of summits I've bagged in Oregon!

These pics are from a friend's camera (Chelle has all the gear with her at Bass Lake) so the pictures are ho-hum. Umm, hello! Take some pictures of the mountains! Anyhow, here's a few from the trip:

Ouzel Falls

Native Colorado Cutthroat Trout were everywhere!
(note to self, bring pole next time)

Candice laughed at this sign, while I reminisced. "Here kitty, kitty..."

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