Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life-line(s) restored

Chelle and Xander came out and stayed with me for about a week. It was great to spend time with my family. Xander was pretty sick (cold + pinkeye) but the meds had him feeling pretty good by the time they left. Chelle is going to finish out her tour-of-duty at St. Chucks with a grueling six straight days marathon. After that, they will drive back here via the Reno - Bass Lake - Palm Springs - Tucson route. What, haven't heard of that?

You know how tv junkies can't live without the boob-tube, or how crackberry addicts would die without their phones? Yeah, I'm like that with my 'net connection. Face it, the internet has proliferated our lives. Need directions? Net. Looking for auto repair shops? Net. Keeping in touch with family and friends. Net. I have this interesting personality dichotomy; I want to live out in the remote mountains in my log home with a OC-192 connection. Someday.

While I may have the net now, we're still waiting for the movers to come. Latest estimate will have them here on Monday. I can't wait - besides having our stuff, I'm anxious to diminish the "cave effect" in our house (large, open rooms with vauled ceilings and hardward floors, not a strand of carpet to be found). Until then, I'll read some more. =)

The eclectic list of books I read during the "Great disconnect of 2008":

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