Sunday, June 22, 2008

A low-key weekend

It was a pretty low-key weekend around here for me. On Saturday, I went down to a Littleton MINI dealership and test-drove a MINI Cooper Clubman S. Man, what a fun little car to drive! I had a blast rippin around the city, and all their hype is generally substantiated. I often wondered if I would fit into one, but there was a ton of room on the inside. I couldn't even slide the seat all the way back and still work the peddals. Lucky for Rochelle, a couple things prevented me from buying one right there on the spot: first, there's a 3 month wait list with a $1000 (non-refundable) deposit required (yes, they're that popular). Second, they we're going to really screw me on the trade in. I can't even write the value, it's that laughable. Anyhow, as my mom would say, I told them to "pack sand". =)

Today I was blessed to meet up with old friends Dave and Debbie Brown and attend their church's morning service. It was a great service and it really struck me how much I've missed good old Baptist preaching. There weren't 40 alter calls, so I think I can talk Rochelle into going back. ;) Afterwards, I hung out with the Browns for breakfast and a tour of their home. It amazes me how easy it is to get around this area. The roads, parkways, and interstates all seemed designed to get people from point a to b quickly with minimal traffic. I swear I went 20 miles to the other side of Denver in less time than it would take me to go from my old house to Redmond!

In other news, we found a house! I move-in (read: dwell in empty house with aero-bed till the movers show up) tomorrow, so we're pretty excited. It's a really sweet house and location. We are blessed to have recieved it.

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