Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, I've finally made it to Boulder, but it wasn't easy. I originally planned to stop in Ogden, but was making such good time I decided to push on and make it to Rock Springs, WY. It's funny, but the only driving / car issues I've ever had have been in Wyoming. This, coincidently, is also one of the worst places in the entire U.S.A. to have issues (read: long deserted streches of interstate through lunar-like terrain).

Anyhow, about 10 miles from my destination, I see a piece of road debris get kicked up by the vehicle ahead. At first, I thought it was a piece of wood - until a second later when it smashed into my windshield with an emphatic "whack". Wrong, not wood rather a big piece of lug with attached nuts. It scared the crap out of me! Luckly, the Lord was watching out for me as I can't believe the windshield didn't cave in. Here's a pic of the carnage:

After my heart-rate returned to normal, I started limping in to Rock Springs. Literally, about a mile from the exit, I get pulled over by a sheriff. Appearing at my window he enquires if I know why he pulled me over. I gesture to the spidered windshield and take a guess. He replied "nope" without a hint of further inquirery. "I pulled you over because your tags are expired." Doh. I could rant about the DMV not sending me the paperwork, but I should have bothered checking it before I left (my license plate holder partially obscures the tags, so it's difficult to tell).

Anyhow, long story but I made it to Rock Springs in about 12hrs and 60 dollars poorer (citation). Big thanks to MoMa & PoPa for the hotel room, it was actually really nice. Cold Stone was located in the adjacent building, random placement but they got my $$$ too. Today I finished off the rest of the drive, which was around 5hrs into Boulder. Tomorrow, off to work... =)

Happy Father's Day!

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Unknown said...

Happy Father's Day! I hope next year's is a million times better!