Sunday, October 5, 2008

The angry moose at Long Lake

On Saturday we drove up into the Indian Peaks Wilderness to get in a fall day hike. The Aspen trees are now showing their varying autumn colors from bright yellow to deep orange. Rochelle was especially keen to check them out up close. We started at Brainard Lake and ascended via the trail to Long Lake. Xander was game and we made good time. Upon arrival, we pushed around the loop until we found a good access trail that led down to the water.

At the water we walked out onto a point and began scouting for a good fishing spot. After survyeing for a couple minutes Chelle informed me the trail died out and we'd have to back track. Not one for rewinding I decided to check it out myself... and that's when I noticed "it". I say "it" because I could not indentify what the mass of hair in the brush was. The animal's head and hind-quarters were obscured by thick foliage.

I reached for the camera in my backpack and just as I was pulling it out, the animal vanished into the brush. While I silently cursed the missed opportunity, the brush near us rustled and out came a moose... I kid you not (moose in Colorado?). He was young, probably a year or two old sporting a decent 3x4 rack and a mean disposition. He immediatley charged toward us on the shorline. Sadly I did not get this on video as I was too busy trying to get Chelle and Xander out of there! Anyhow, long story short, we vacated his space and watched from a distance. That's when we noticed his "big brother". Wow, this guy was a monster (glad he wasn't the one who bum-rushed us)! Fun times here in Colorado. =)


DVB said...

Okay, what's up with you and angry animals in the wild. First a mountain lion now a moose? Take care of my baby. Next time maybe a walk in the park :)

Jen said...

I love the idea that you guys are always seeing new things there in Colorado!! Just play it safe so you can return to good ol' Bend someday in one piece! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy....your Mom's gonna love this one!! Love you careful with our little guy!! Mom L.

Anonymous said...

Your little one is so cute. Melissa was born in Colorado Springs, so it was cool looking at those picture because we have a lot of the same ones. We also did camping trips with other couples when we attended the Bible College there.

Karen Simmons

Anonymous said...

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